Thunderkick is an established internet gambling studio with its own delivery system [rift gaming server (RDS)] and innovative slots games. The company has been launched in 2021 by a few creative guys who “knew a lot about making quality stuff”. And they did, creating a unique concept based on the idea that people like to gamble but can’t do so if they are isolated from the real world. By creating their own business opportunity, they hoped to give something back to the community which keeps them active and motivated. This idea turned out to be quite innovative, and the result is the thunderbolt slot machine that we see now.

What makes this slot-machine game so special is that it uses the RDS as its mainframe, and that is why the game runs in flash. In addition, what makes it all work is that the entire operation is automated, and that means that no real-time interactions take place between the slot-player and the programming studio. All interactions that may take place are either done by the thunderkick staff or by the players themselves via the remote interface provided by the studio. In this way, the developer ensures that his or her customer has as much fun playing as he or she can, without any concern that the customer will be cheated or that the slot-player might enter an unfair deal. Because the operation is automated, there is no need for a large team of personnel dedicated to ensuring that the customer has as much fun as possible, since all of the work is already done for him or her.

The RDS that Thunderkick uses to run its games is based on the Flash plugin technologies developed by Adobe. Adobe is a well-known name in the computer software industry for providing users with high-quality applications and games for the desktop and the web, and it should come as no surprise that they have developed flash technology that can be used by the developer to create a fully-realized online casino experience. There is also a wealth of information on the website concerning how to get started with developing your own Thunderkick games. The studio offers tutorials on the various aspects of developing and maintaining a profitable online casino with its unique combination of slots and dinos. The tutorials also give detailed descriptions of the programming language and codes required to implement the various features of the game. These instructions, coupled with the comprehensive and easy-to-understand video tutorials, make Thunderkick gaming a particularly rewarding experience for those who know little or nothing about computers.

  • Divine lotus
    Divine lotus
  • Tiger rush
    Tiger rush
  • Beat the beast kraken's lair
    Beat the beast kraken's lair
  • The rift
    The rift
  • Rocket fellas inc
    Rocket fellas inc
  • Jin chans pond of riches
    Jin chans pond of riches
  • Esqueleto explosivo
    Esqueleto explosivo
  • Sunset delight
    Sunset delight
  • Babushkas
  • Ravens eye
    Ravens eye
  • Flux
  • Sword of khans
    Sword of khans
  • Dragon horn
    Dragon horn
  • Jaguar temple
    Jaguar temple
  • Birds on a wire
    Birds on a wire
  • Turning totems
    Turning totems
  • Midas golden touch
    Midas golden touch
  • Pink elephants 2
    Pink elephants 2
  • Cosmic voyager
    Cosmic voyager
  • Arcader